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Dacă, inițial, beneficiile terapiei prin joc erau asociate mai degrabă cu tratamentele medicale, impactul jocurilor asupra productivității la locul de muncă a ridicat problema integrării lor în spațiul de lucru. De ce sunt ele așa de importante?
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Game on!

Game room_by_Morphoza_Betfair

Game on!

If initially play therapy benefits were mostly associated with medical treatments, the impact of games on the workplace raised the issue of integrating in the office space. Why are they so important?

Jane McGonigal, online games researcher and developer at Institute for Future, San Francisco, shows that weekly, worldwide, people spend three billion hours in front of online games. Why? Because if in the case of games, everything is well organized and structured, the player receiving constant feedback about his evolution, in real life, things are far from this. The increase of cognitive facilities, the improvement of the learning capacity and stimulation of creativity are but a few of the benefits that managers identified and wish to apply in their companies.

One of the biggest problems in relation to integration in a space dedicated to games within the company is the impact these could have on those involved in working activities. This is why creating a room dedicated to games, separate from the rest of the working space, is the best option. Foosball, pool or ping-pong table, refreshments, comfortable couches and chairs – all these will lift the employees’ moral and will animate the company spirit.

Promoting wellness and optimism by design is an important aspect when we kick off an office furnishing project. The impact is as great as the room’s design is associated with group actions for the company employees. For instance, the training sessions held in the Game Room will increase the volume of memorized information and will motivate them more than regular meeting rooms. Foosball or pool tournaments held in breaks from work will increase the employees’  levels of focus, will positively impact their productivity and will improve team spirit. Moreso, employees can be asked to organize themselves these types of shows, thus increasing their involvement in the company’s life.

Obviously, furnishing such a space for employees would not replace the management good practices, but it will surely be more satisfying for them and they will achieve better results.


From the office projects where we furnished Game Rooms, we are reminding you about the Betfair Romania and Fortech offices.


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