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Before being designers or architects, we like to call ourselves creators of spaces. For the past 10 years, we have been integrating design intelligence, we understand the essence of each project we work on and we turn it into a genuine, personal story fitted to the space and functionally and aesthetically responding to our clients’ requirements and necessities. We like to go beyond limits and tendencies and pen out original and time-resistant spaces by using materials, furniture pieces, textures and premium fittings.


 We develop each project by following the most uncompromising solutions, and this is clear from what we do for our clients. Be it a residential project about an office or a boutique hotel, we work with our client to identify the unique solution appropriate for the place and those inhabiting it.

Living 3



Just by working together, we can achieve wonderful things!


Every project we develop brings a collaboration with our client to understand his story, but also to identify the bigger project vision. Only this way can we lead the project beyond the individual vision of each of us and outline an unique solution at the same time appropriate for the client’s wishes and necessities.


In this stage, we use interviews with people involved (team or family, as required), good practices, space analysis as placement, limitations and opportunities, market analysis, if it’s a corporate solution, to transform not just space, but the client’s whole life or business.

Space planning


We believe a well thought-out space is the best foundation for any design project. This stage is essential because the success or failure of a project can depend on it. There is no use in a room being beautiful if it’s not properly spaced or does not tend to the client’s needs. Our purpose is to combine space functionality with creative design elements so that all space elements find themselves in a natural yet surprising relationship.


We carefully analyse the space’s architecture, technical requirements, fluxes created or the industry specifics, in corporate solutions cases, so that optimal spacing out and function-placement methods are generated. We are concerned with the design concept as well as the allotted budget, so that a sustainable project is created.




An interior design project is always based on the relationship between imagination and practical considerations, as fabrics and fittings. Moodboard helps us identify the elements that would make your idea reality. Office spaces that inspire and grow the employees productivity, shops that invite you shopping, houses where you fel comfortable and where you can escape the daily routine, hotels which provoke states of mind… All these have emotion-provoking interiors. They are those spaces which surprise by their sheer essence and which give off positive attitude and energy.


This atmosphere is conveyed by the moodboard of colours, textiles and products. Meaning those essential elements that make a project unique.

Project design


Without correct and complete technical projects, ideas just stay ideas or disk becoming wrongly implemented ideas, it’s details that give life to an interior.


Starting from the 3D project illustrating the concept in detail, the 2D plan and moodboard, the architecture is coordinated with technical requirements: installations, IT, media, so that details are in place and the design project is complete.


And because often times in our design projects we integrate various custom elements, we pay special attention to prototypes, doing colour and texture tests, according to needs.