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This is the stage where our ideas and concepts come out of the imagination realm and become real. According to the project’s complexity and challenges, this is the time when we assign the project team. They will be in charge of implementing the project within the timeframe, budget and quality standards agreed on with the client. Since this stage is complex and often times implies unpredictable issues, the project team must permanently find the optimal solutions.

Living 2

Project Management


We are not looking to find miraculous solutions, since we would rather choose the uncompromising solutions, and our standards are reflected in the way we create our project teams. We carefuly handpick the members of our teams and attentively allot the human resources involved, so that we organize complementary teams. We rely on transferring the challenger towards the project managers, while at the same time paying attention to giving them our trust, supporting and assisting them in the process.


This is the principle that has been standing for over ten years at the core of our company’s projects and one of the reasons for which our clients choose to come back to Morphoza with new projects.

Fit Out


Suppliers, contractors, graphic terms, budgets – all these must be thought out, correlated and coordinated, as part of a very complex fit-out process. Along the over 10 years in business, we trained ourselves to efficiently manage this process, while keeping focus on the big picture and maintaining constant communication with the client during the entire implementation process.  We carefully select our partners so that we ensure the best price-quality balance for the architectural solutions and proposed and implemented installations.


And, since we empathize with our clients, we pay special attention to represent them in a realistic and exclusive manner, so that they benefit from premium services and products for a fair price. For a good evaluation of the implementation process, we choose to constantly monitor each of its stages, together with the client.




Sometimes we are not dealing with a completely new project, but refurnishing of some already existing facilities. Whether we consider fittings, furniture or an utilities upgrade, our experience presents us as a viable partner.


There are many cases where we cover of all of our clients’ relocation needs.


No matter the complexity of the project we take on, we don’t compromise on the standards we set for ourselves and that is visisble in the long-term relationships we have built with our clients. In our over 10 years on the market, over 80% of our clients came back for new projects.