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No matter if the focus is a piece or a greater volume of pieces, we counsel our clients in making the best choices. We are paying attention to details, shapes and colors, sensitive to design and empathetic when it comes to our clients.


Evem though our portfolio counts over 50 furniture brands worldwide, our furnishing solutions do not stop here. Our goal is to identify the products that best suit the interior and project budget, to acquire them for the best price possible and to make sure that these would be delivered in time, so that we don’t jeopardize the deadlines or the project’s smooth development.


In case we picture a product design for our clients, we have access to partner production facilities who make prototypes. At the same time, when certain products are not available in our showroom, we intermediate, for our product viewing and testing in the external producers’ showrooms.




The technical project always encompasses the furniture plans, the standard pieces as well as the personalized ones. From the moment they are included in the technical project to the moment they are received, we pay attention to: object placement and how they correlate to other architectural details and installations, prototyping the pieces especially designed for the project, so that the resistence, ergonomics and aesthetics of the final product are ensured, handling and proper assembly.


That way, we make sure that the design requirements, delivery deadlines are mostly respected, and all quality execution guarantees are accounted for.


For corporate projects in particular, the extended warrranty and the additional prompt delivery warranty are important for the proper management of mid-term projects.



In this section, when we talk about lighting, we don’t mean the decorative, atypical and ambiental lighting systems (which we rather consider as furniture, since they are effects), but light as well, in its entirety. And the elements we take into account are: intensity, color, effects, costs, i.e. The aspects defining the activity of the light technician and the added value which they bring to a space.


We are aware of the importance of this resource, so we made sure to have it. Because, for every proposal we put forward, we monitor costs, and furthermore, in case we propose brands from our portfolio, our purpose is to ensure financial efficiency as well as our products’ carbon footprint. Because longterm cost is also important, right?


The visuals are and will be more and more important, for this we became partners of Samsung Romania. We suggest and already implement the newest  digital signage and audio-video technologies,  since projects are more and more part of or affiliated with a virtual world connecting resources from everywhere.




When all your purchases reach you, they will have to be put into context. We actively take part in this, from start to end, just like we assured you. We work for you, with you and we are there with solutions, suggestions and advice. Moreover, Morphoza’s work is not done with turning over the furnished space to the owner. We continue to be by your side. We provide products’ warranty accompanied by furniture maintenance advice. We keep at the same time after-sales contact with our clients.