Morphoza | Caresse: comfy studio
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The refurnishing project of this nearly 120 square meter apartment was conceived in a way that it would express the owner’s personality, a modern young man, always connected to the latest gadgets. Being his first home, his mother was greatly involved in the furnishing concept, by coming up with a refined vision on the décor. Refurnishing started from reorganizing the apartment, the final result being an urban, modern and extremely functional dwelling, built to host parties and welcome guests in a warm manner.

Terasa apartament

Interior Design

The interior design made the best of the lighting system. White, black, cream and wenge-brown tones, one single red accent in each of the apartment’s rooms, a daring mix of textures and stone, natural floors, shiny furniture pieces, plastic, glass, colour elements, accessories made of various fabrics, velvet, silver fabrics, small leather and fur carpets – they were all brought out by the combination between artificial and natural light.

Because the aim was that the space hosts friend gatherings and thus become a warm socializing area, the entry brings guests directly into the socializing open-space. The kitchen, living and dining rooms, created by Domitalia, were harmoniously combined to allow the host to entertain guests while he gets the snacks and beverages ready. This area was brought together by the opening towards the panoramic terrace.


Projected in white and cream, the bedroom brings a warm atmosphere through combining drapes colours and textures such as chiffon and velvet. Black-white combination is present in this room via the white leather bed. The final result is a modern, atypical, but at the same time, settled apartment, which conveys the dynamic personality of the beneficiary.