After leaving our offices, factories, stores and other facilities near empty for more than 2 months, it is time to design our way back to the workplace.  But how will our new workplaces look like in the post-pandemic era?

While you may decide to use a hybrid model of work until the end of this year and more, combining flexible work (from home or anywhere else) with work-from-the-office, employees are counting on you to help them get back to work safely.

In the past 2 months, our company switched from an almost-always-work-from-the-office mode to remote work and quickly adapted our infrastructure to our employees’ needs in this unprecedented context.

“Normal” changed before we even realized it and will continue to change in the next years for our company, as well as for yours. That’s why, we developed a 3 phase program that will allow both of us to get prepared for what’s coming next, based on our experience, observations of our consultants in psychology and sociology, and all the scientific resources we have access to through our affiliation to international office design clusters.

1.  Safe return

It includes practical and mandatory social distancing measures, developed based on the national andinternational authorities recommendations. These measures target space and behaviours and are designed to be quickly integrated inyour current space, health and safety procedures and protocols. This pack applies for the first wave of employees returning to the office.

2. Facelift

As we peel of the first layer, we arrive at the second phase of the change, which includes more complex decisions and more permanent adjustments in your workplace and organizational culture. It targets changes in your current space layout, new furniture, new technologies in the workplace, digitalization and IT infrastructure to support a hybrid way of working which includes WFH (or anywhere else), activity-based work and work-from-the-office. This pack covers an increased headcount within the office.

3. Re-design Your Office

This stage is designed to support your long-term vision of your business in the new normality. It implies a more in-depth redesign process of all your areas, focused on space efficiency and meant to help you reduce your property costs and, if needed, prepare even for an eventual relocation. This pack implies a multidisciplinary approach from our part and a wider team of designers, architects, workplace consultants and change management professionals.


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