What we do


We understand how the environment can shape the behaviours of people, reinforce organisational culture or enhance business productivity.

Driven by the passion for interior design, we spent the last 10 years researching the impact space can have on people’s life and activity and how they feel about their house or workplace.

Our team will work closely with you to deeply understand your needs, visions and goals, but especially what makes you and your people happy. This way, we can discover your expectations and priorities and take any relevant information about you, your company and your space into account.

Kick-off meetings, interviews & focus groups

Our first meetings with you and your team will be focused on the needs and goals of your company and main stakeholders. From the organisational culture, people, existing space and systems and the technologies your business relies on, we want to know it all to be sure we integrate it in the new workplace strategy. This is how we make sure that the new spaces we will create for you will inspire and engage your staff.

Space Appraisal

Our goal is to fully understand not only you and your people, but your space also and the opportunities and limitations that may appear. This stage will help us imagine the best workspace for you taking into consideration its effective use, the well-being of your teams and the functionality of the interior design.

Design brief and concept design

Based on what we learn in the previous stages about your company, people and office space, we will come up with a concept design that tells your company’s story in the best possible way through interior design. Our goal is to create flexible workspaces that increase the productivity of the employees and transform the office into a business asset that attracts and retains talented people.

A full drawing package

When the design is agreed, your Morphoza Project Manager and the construction team will receive a full drawing package which includes floor plans, mechanical and electrical plans, which will allow them to plan the next steps and start the implementation of the project with confidence.

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