Our Values

We pay attention to what we promise so that we can deliver what, when and how we promised. A customer cannot be satisfied if he does not receive the best possible quality from us. We understand that every interaction with the customer and each delivery represents not only the one who does it, but the whole company. In the eyes of our clients, each one of us is Morphoza.

Any theme deserves a solution that will satisfy the client. Our perspectives are original, innovative and challenging. But in order to reach them, we systematically seek feedback on our ideas and integrate it into the proposed solutions. An open mind will rein in the pride.

When we see a problem we do not cease until we find the solution we can apply in that certain situation. This might bring us out of the comfort zone, but we understand that self-improvement is only possible outside the comfort zone.

We care about those we work with, colleagues or clients, because they are people just like us: people of good faith, with good intentions and just interests. We are willing to understand them and help them because this is the only way we can enjoy what we do together. Kindness is a form of courage.

TEAM is a big word consisting of small, daily gestures. Gestures that create trust, respect and loyalty. Based on them we can put, when needed, the interest of the team before the personal one. We are teams of people, not of roles or functions. This helps us grow together faster and deeper than any of us could do it alone. Performance creates the best teams.

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