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powered by Morphoza

powered by Morphoza

Trust2Work is a workspace consultancy tool that delivers workplace strategies and processes to help clients maximize their real estate portfolio, align their stakeholders, transform their spaces and create a great experience at work.

“You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” as Einstein once said.

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Trust2Work is a process for companies and leaders to design and re-design their workspace – a journey starting from their teams, their work style, culture and needs, not from the space itself. It implies a deeper knowledge of the company, engagement of teams in designing their workspace and supports the change towards a new space, with new rules.

Especially after Covid19, all companies face the need to reinvent their offices in order to support flexible work but also to create a space suitable for physical connectivity in a safe manner.

We use the Trust2Work methodology to asses, track and guide the development of your office. Team up with our process owners in order to identify opportunities, strengths and develop a strategy to get you out of the pandemics with a gain. Forget about the old office and make room for change – adaptability is the ultimate market advantage.

The Process

Trust2Work is a tailor-made process created by Diana Calfa, Creative Strategist & Founder of Morphoza and Cosmin Alexandru, Change & Organizational Transformation Partner.

Based on 16 years of Morphoza’s experience in delivering turn key interior projects and combined with Cosmin’s experience in organizational transformation, Trust2Work is a people-oriented process that delivers client engagement trough tailor made workspaces.

Developed through a complex process of engaging the teams and aligning their vision with the one of the leadership, Trust2Work’s goal is to drive a beneficial change within the organization and to turn the workspace into a great tool to strengthen the feeling of belonging and pride for your employees.

Though this process we identify and analyze the work behaviors that can be addressed, influenced and changed trough different office layouts. By creating agile interiors, we enhance the organization’s ability to adapt quickly to the market changes and to continuously improve its work processes and productivity.

It took us one year to develop the process and the last 3 to implement, continuously improve, explore and adapt it to an agile extent, so that is became a philosophy that empowers companies to become the best version of themselves. And we expect an even greater need for this change process, especially in these uncertain moments that Covid19 generated.

Trust2Work – the four stages:

1. Discovery: research, analyze, align stakeholders:

We will reach beyond your company’s walls in order to understand your industry, internal organization and processes, working style and challenges. We achieve this by our Trust2Work methodology that implies:

  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews;
  • Surveys;
  • Workshops and design thinking brainstorm sessions;
  • Space analysis;
  • Benchmark research from industry.

2. Design & Engage:

We know the needs, we feel the space, it’s time for designing the workspace alongside the company’s teams and change ambassadors. Our team of designers and interior architects is highly qualified in the communication and design thinking fields, which allows them to integrate the client’s team in design workshops, based both on function and aesthetics matters. And the result is a design concept guided by our specialists, but with precious input from the future workspace occupants.

3. Implement & Communicate:

This is the stage when our ideas and concepts exit the realm of imagination and become tangible. During the implementation stage, we will focus on a regular, direct communication process to address the anxieties, questions and concerns your people may have regarding the new space. While providing the build & furnish services, we will also take care to engage the teams in numerous processes:

  • code of conduct workshop sessions: developing expected behavior, workspace rules, wellbeing and safety points, interior office signage (especially post Covid);
  • status newsletters;
  • code of conduct TownHall;
  • Moving campaign workshops.

4. Change & Influence:

The change management process we propose could start 3-6 months prior to the move and continue 3-6 months after the move. We recommend it to be based on 3 key principles of the process (Trust, Share and Respect) and to focus the change on 3 key areas:

  • Leadership styles;
  • Team cooperation;
  • Engaging the new generation.

The main tools for running the change management process will be open talks, dedicated workshops, team and/or individual coaching. Some of the topics we strongly recommend to be addressed in workshops are:

  • Hacking Organizational Change;
  • Building trust and dialogue;
  • Building performing teams.

Our approach and the Trust2Work creative developers:

I think that the right manner of handling this pandemic and its effects is changing behaviors, not placing hypochondria transparent panels all over office. Company leadership needs to be more flexible and agile and needs to allow me to work from home if I want to and provide me enough clarity on my role so that I can stay productive. I need to become more responsible and care more about my colleagues, keeping in mind that my actions impact them as well, and believing that if we all act like this, we can all have a safe community at work. Like we do in our homes.
Through this phase of change, I rely on the agile Trust2Work process we developed to serve as a tool for leaders in changing behaviors at work, while adapting the office to the challenges that emerged or may emerge in the future.

Diana Calfa

Creative Strategist & Founder of Morphoza
Partner at Trust2Work

The physical space is the body language of an organization. Now, that many employees work and will work from their private spaces, the body language of many organizations has to reinvent itself to stay coherent. In order to become relevant and desirable for the new working reality, the office space has to answer to different needs, wants and expectations. We are here to partner with our clients in finding those answers.

Cosmin Alexandru

Change & Organizational Transformation Partner at Trust2Work

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