Case Study

AEGON Romania


Brief Aegon

Wishing to create a work space which would inspire employees more and suggest team professionalism, Aegon decided in 2014 to give a facelift to its offices in Cluj-Napoca. One of the client’s requirements was that décor should outline brand features, so that the office space becomes a memorable experience for company employees as well as visiting clients and partners. The largest part of the investment was directed towards changing the lighting system, the furniture and especially the chairs, so that each office is custom-made and allude to the spirit of the occupying team.

Interior Design Concept

Following the refurnishing process, the Aegon workspace became modern and collaborative, reflecting the company’s identity.

The interior design project outlined the Aegon brand traits via the chosen colors and messages integrated into the common space décor (conference rooms, reception). The most common color association was white-blue, the brand identity colors. The Aegon logo was integrated into the décor by placing it on the reception wall, but also by inserting it on the carpet used in one of the company’s conference rooms.

The walls’ decor, especially in the common areas, includes core values of Ageon. Replacing furniture pieces – desks and chairs – made the workspace more dynamic and attractive, by inserting color accents. The new design creates an feeling of belonging among the company employees and supports Aegon in their expansion process.

In 2016, Aegon – Morphoza resumed their collaboration in order to implement the expansion project with a floor of the company’s office space.


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