Case Study

BOSCH Cluj Plant Offices

Inspiring Working Conditions


Bosch Corporate department for Real Estate in close co-operation with Morphoza developed an Inspiring Working Conditions design for Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Plant in Cluj, Romania, Morphoza driving the change management process as well as the definition of the new working conditions. In order to deliver a space that generates a sense of people coming together, sharing ideas and getting to know each other, we worked very closely with DICO & ȚIGĂNAȘ birou de arhitectura, responsible for the construction of the Bosch Cluj Plant. Far from being a standard approach, this collaboration was a unique challenge for us and we are grateful for all the positive reactions we got from the part of the staff regarding the new office design.

Interior Design

Our experience allowed us to efficiently guide Bosch team through the entire process taking them from the discovery stage, with accent on the interactions between the teams and departments, specific needs and local culture, through to implementation without losing focus of their business objectives.

With constant respect for the Inspiring Working Conditions requirements, we understood the need to focus on the DNA and the profile of the company and adapt it to the local influences. Therefore, we were able to create a cohesion between the minimalistic directions received from the company’s HQ and the fresh, natural tendencies that the company’s teams in Cluj seem to prefer.

This was possible due to an extensive process during which we engaged more than 200 associates from Bosch Cluj Plant teams and key users in order to achieve the best design concept for them and to sustain this relocation with a proper change management approach.

The result was a tailor-made design concept that perfectly suits Bosch objective to be able to personalize the space taking into consideration associates’ aesthetic preferences and ergonomic needs.

The new workplace incorporates a blend of working environments into a single space; from concentration and Activity Based Working stations, to collaboration areas, informal meeting points with communal lounges. The advantage of the new space is that it brings people together, because in fact that’s that Bosch is all about. It stimulates interaction and exchange and engenders a sense of community. In the same time, it offers an atmosphere that reflects the high quality of Bosch Cluj Plant solutions, but adds a human touch to the corporate image.

Bosch Cluj Plant’s new office will allow the company to continue delivering quality projects for its clients, whilst providing a truly flexible and inspirational workplace that meets the needs of their associates. As for us, Morphoza, we will remain a trustful partner for our client during the entire change management process in order to achieve an IWC result that changes and moves forward the organization.

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