Case Study

CBRE Romania

Flexible Work


Morphoza has designed a new office environment for the CBRE’s team in Romania. The global and national market leader in real estate consultancy decided to relocate its office base in Romania into a new 1000 m2 space that would better reflect the company’s interest in the associates’ wellbeing. The new office is located in an ultramodern office building in the heart of Bucharest.

Interior Design

Appointed to create a workspace optimized for collaboration and wellness, Morphoza designed it right down to the last detail, from the interior concept, developed in collaboration with CBRE, to fit out and final decoration. The result is an outstanding workplace. Advanced technologies and different typologies of working spaces enable work to happen everywhere, providing flexibility and comfort for the team.

With an impressive double-curved façade, the office building that hosts the new CBRE office has a cutting-edge design. The interior designers’ mission was to maximize the beauty of the façade through a design concept which harmoniously integrates the curves of the building in the overall layout, offers profoundness to space and takes advantage of the natural light. Additionally, they integrated a mix of warm textures and remarkable design accents, such as hand-made artistic inserts.

Meant to be an example of an office for the future, CBRE’s new office is a place where employees and clients enjoy authentic experiences. Besides being a friendly environment, very ergonomic and diverse in terms of typologies of space – formal and informal – CBRE’s new workplace has great dynamics when it comes to atmosphere. A poetic world filled with different moods – working moods. From the radio station where employees can enjoy some relaxing time, choosing their own favorite music and playing it on a modern pick-up, to the fresh corner that was designed around an olive tree, in order to bring the outside in. All of these created the perfect context for the Morphoza specialists to tell the story of the CBRE team.

The office space becomes a journey, featuring a series of spaces you would like to experience and enjoy every day. The space allows a flexible way of working, it offers a wide range of areas to choose from, depending on your state of mind, your mood or your working needs.

Each corner becomes the ideal workplace for a specific moment of the day and a specific CBRE need. An inspiring business environment that encourages communication, teamwork, but also focus and relaxation.

Morphoza’s mission is to deliver innovative projects in terms of design, but also regarding the quality of the execution. One of the main objectives of this project was to deliver a project perfectly aligned to the client’s vision. Therefore, the result reflects the high standards of excellence and professionalism of the world’s market leader in real estate consultancy.

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