Case study

City Apartment



A modern, functional and easy-to-maintain house, with an interior design which could integrate a generous library – these were the client’s initial requests, a young geologist, with a passion for traveling, speleology and trekking. The 87 sqm apartment has an open-space structure which includes the living room, the kitchen, the dining area and a small home office. Separately, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Interior Design Concept

The interior design concept is modern, minimalist and very personal and it meets the client’s needs and lifestyle. The open-space area design was inspired by the owner’s passion for speleology and trekking, therefore the main element is the functional indoor climbing panel. It was a good opportunity for our designers to integrate in the open-space area a wider range of colors in order to diminuate the cold atmosphere generated by the dark coloured furniture.

The dining area includes a bar and a guest table. The bar is discreet and perfectly designed for dinners for two. The furniture has a metallic structure: the bar stools, the table chairs and the Calligaris table. The main elements in this area are the Bouchon chairs, a playful design inspired by the classical champagne cork cap. Our designers chose this model based on the owner’s passion for wine.

The interior design of the main bedroom suggests the owner’s passion for traveling. The main element here is the wallpaper which depicts a highly detailed map of the world, where the owner will find his next dream destination. The bed from Twils dominates the interior and gives a cozy feeling to the room.

The guest bedroom has an impersonal design, but in the same time quite unconven- tional, due to the furniture selection. Given the small dimensions of the room, our designers chose a smaller bed with self-sustaining mattress. The nightstands were locally custom-made. The main designing element of the room is the Edison lightning system.

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