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Brief Farmec

With a surface of 46 square meters, the design concept for this shop is based upon the desire to create a space where the client can understand what the values of the brand are, can easily find all the products that meet their needs and at the same time is able to enjoy the assistance of Farmec’s experts. The client’s brief included interior design services, setup, building and installations, furnishing and finishing that would all materialise as a highly modern and welcoming shop.

Interior Design Concept

The clean lines, smooth surfaces and the colours create a friendly atmosphere. The unencumbered space gives clients the opportunity to experience the innovative Farmec products. From the visuals used in the shop, to the brand campaigns and the actual physical space, the shop has an elegant and modern look.

The modern finishing, the capacious furniture and the light fixtures, coupled with the way the products are displayed are meant toset o the products by range: Farmec, Gerovital and AslaVital. Classical materials such as wood were combined with modern materials such as black glass or transparent plastic. The design project has been extended to all the other Farmec shops undergoing revamping as well as to the manufacturer’s new shops opened in Romania and abroad.

Farmec Shop

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