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Brief Fortech

By relocating in their own Fortech building, with class A offices, the company’s management wished to ensure a comfortable and friendly environment for their 350 employees, with the best work, communication, learning, security, socializing and relaxation facilities. The vision of those at Fortech was that the interior design would be as important as the building’s shape and structure. For that, the selection process of the people who would transform the Fortech offices was aimed to find professional, trustworthy partners, on which the company can rely.

Interior Design Concept

The design and decoration solutions encompassed a training room, a reunion hall with a capacity of over 100, meeting rooms of various sizes, as well as relaxation and socialization facilities. The concept chosen for this project  envisioned a minimalist design which combined the neutral background  – beige, gray – of all the rooms with color accents ensured by the selected furniture pieces. For the reception area, we opted for a minimalist design. The simple-line, sideways-cut and fully white furniture outlined the company’s logo from the entrance.

The meeting rooms represented a focal point in the furnishing process. In each of these rooms, the neutral tones of the walls were kept, and color accents came from furniture and writing used often to decorate walls in order to customize the rooms. The last floor was meant for the relaxation area, where a pool table and team sports spaces were integrated.

“For our new office building in Cluj-Napoca, we contracted Morphoza to provide extended design services. Our A-class office building sums 4500 sqm and Morphoza helped us with everything from interior design to furniture, decorations and carpeting. Since we are talking about the spaces with a variety of destinations, our needs were varied and required a professional and reliable partner. The solutions provided by Morphoza fully met our needs. ”

– Călin VĂDUVA, CEO Fortech Romania

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