Case Study


Tradition & Innovation


Following the collaboration we had concerning the interior design and fit-out project for the Farmec stores, we continue the partnership with the most important cosmetics producer in Romania for the interior design project of the Gerovital stores. For this project, our client wanted to create a space where Gerovital’s clients can unterstand the values of the brand, can easly find the products they need and enjoy the assistance of the Gerovital’s specialists.

Interior Design Concept

Fine lines and surfaces and the bright cromatic generate a friendly atmosphere. We’ve tried not to overcrowd the space in order to allow the clients to experience Gerovital’s innovative technology. The store carries the brand’s full range of skin, body and face care products included in the Gerovital H3, Gerovital Tratament Expert, Gerovital Plant, Gerovital Men, Gerovital Sun and Aslavital series. We combined natural textures, light textures and modern lightning systems in order to highlight our client’s wide range of products.

Another important area of the store is the welcoming and well-designed care space where the Gerovital’s specialist provides free consultancy to the brand’s customers. In this area, we chose a comforting design for customers of all ages, who want to enjoy the dermatological tests and also a special experience, at Gerovital. The store’s design is compatible with the brand’s advertising campaigns and has an elegant and modern aspect which confirms the leading status of the brand in the beauty sector.

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