Case Study

Glam-Chic House



With a surface of 377 sq meters, laid on four levels: underground, ground floor, floor and attic with a red interior, the dwelling would host a couple of young enthusiasts.  The only difficulty seemed to be the tight deadline, since the young family wanted to move into the new home for Christmas, which only allowed three months to complete the project.

Interior Design Concept

For this project, we chose a glam-chic furnishing style, in which we mixed manufacturers such as Selva, Futura, Gruppo Doimo, Moda Collection, Dall`Agness, Kartell, Italamp, so the result would tie all the interior together. The furnishing is defined by an harmonious combination of warm cream and sandy tones, noble textures as leather and chiffon, with transparent elements, crystal sparks, glass, plastic, glam-shine chrome elements, outlined by some decorative pieces encrusted with Swarowski crystals.

The access to the home is done through the ground floor, where the dining room, kitchen and bathroom are, set in an open-space fashion. The key pieces of the living room are two Futura couches, coated in velvet, with sheer legs. Another important design element in this room is the Kartell stool made of crystal-clear transparent plastic. The transparent elements were used to avoid the feeling of a heavy space, given the not-so-generous surface of the ground floor.

Made of shiny lacquered MDF the Duomo Cucine kitchen fills the space with its elegance but is also remarked through functionality.  Because the clients requests’ mostly aimed installing a kitchen island, due to limited space, we chose to counterbalance the business of one side of a kitchen with positioning an oversized mirror on the opposite chair. The whole groundfloor setting is outlined by the sheer butter chiffon curtains and cream velvet drapery.

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