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Our client, Southeast Asia’s largest ridesharing company, launched its technology services division in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and wanted to create a collaborative environment for the company’s new team. The company appointed Morphoza to design its home in Cluj-Napoca.

Interior Design Concept

The main goal was to design a human-centric work setting, while successfully integrating the unique cultural identity of the Southeast Asian company. Using colours, specific patterns, furniture items and decorations inspired by the region the company comes from, Morphoza showcased its origins and cultural identity by associating each of the meeting rooms with a specific theme. Named after cities from Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi, Manila, the meeting rooms accommodate a wide range of design elements that create a storytelling ambience.

The office’s kitchen allows for extensive flexibility as it is equipped with sliding walls, offering users a variety of configuration choices. With the sliding wall, the kitchen opens up to the rest of the open-space area, facilitating opportunities for people to connect over larger meetings or other company events or celebrations.

Each meeting room provides modern technology and virtual connectivity tools in order to allow the team to efficiently held presentations for the clients or conferences with colleagues around the world.

Another important aspect for our client was to take care of not only the physical well-being of the employees, but also of their emotional state. Therefore, we decided to place plants and trees around the office so that we bring nature closer, into the working areas. Green plants, plenty of natural light and sustainable materials, such as wood or rattan, create a healthy working environment.

The final design, developed in only 3 weeks, strikes the right balance between a comfortable and functional setting for the users and an attractive workplace for both visitors and staff.

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