Case Study

Karcher Romania

Interior design concept

The interior design concept we proposed is basically an expression of Karcher’s key values: it is straight forward, bold, strong, decisive, sustainable. It empowers people to grow, to innovate, to get inspired and be inspiring. To become their own heroes.

But how exactly does the design embody these values?

Sustainability is essential in today’s business world, but we know that for Karcher it means a lot more. It is at the heart of everything the company does.  And we wanted to celebrate that by integrating a green core into their workplace – that meant transforming the social area into an amazing oasis that invites their team of environmentalists to dare and step ”inside the WOW”.

The future of work is defined by agility and flexibility and so is Karcher’s new office space. Ergonomic furniture pieces, natural tones combined with strong colour accents, wall art, greenery inserts, unique acoustic solutions – in there you will find them all. And many more.

The process:

We have aligned with global trends in office space and created a workspace that facilitates collaboration, performance, and flexibility.

We have created a work environment that is special and unique – a place of comfort where their people can recharge and relax in beautiful social areas (social corner, cafeteria) with a high degree of flexibility and great aesthetics.

The tailor-made bleacher found in The Social Kore is one of those elements specially designed to facilitate informal meetings, team gatherings, socializing and connection, all in a flexible, practical, space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing format.

We have provided meeting rooms to ensure the employees confidentiality. These can be used by every member of the team and they are great for privacy, concentration or just for the quiet moments everyone needs from time to time.

We made sure that in the open space the noise will not be a problem at all. Therefore we have integrated in the design insulation solutions such as: acoustic carpets and panels, special lamps and furniture with sound absorbing properties, curtains and so much more.

Sustainable approach:

The heroes’ table: made of recycled felt and has a mirror in its center that reflects the ceiling writing:  ”Everyday heroes”. The ”Karchering” wall element is made out of recycled suction hoses.

The result: A tailor-made workplace that takes into account the needs and vision of the Karcher team, adapted to fit into the new world of working that is flexible, agile, multifunctional and sustainable. The brand identity is reinforced through one-of-a-kind elements, splashes of colour and dedicated areas for the team to engage and share the values the entire business is built on.

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