Case Study

KUIBA Experience Center

– A revolutionary showroom in Cluj-Napoca –

KUIBA’s story began 8 years ago, when the company inaugurated the first exclusive Miele home appliance showroom in Transylvania. In a short time and amid rapid development, KUIBA has expanded its product portfolio and opened another store in the VIVO! Cluj-Napoca, dedicated to brands of tableware, decorations and home accessories.

The pandemic did not discourage the company’s development plans, so in October 2021, KUIBA officially opened the gates of the third location: KUIBA EXPERIENCE CENTER. It is a 520 sqm showroom, which exhibits products from over 60 national and international brands that the company sells – many of them for the first time on the Romanian market – offering a complex experience to all those who choose to step into this out-of-ordinary world.


Interior design concept and turn-key design

The entire design concept of the new showroom is centered around EXPERIENCE and harmoniously combines the “out-of-the-box” approach of the spaces from the perspective of the Morphoza team (specialized in Turn-key office, commercial & hospitality projects), with the visionary concept of interior design elaborated by Alexandra Zaharia and the warm, welcoming style that residential design specialists from KUIBA imprint in every project they carry out.


A “home” for your home and a veritable experience center.

This is how the new showroom was contoured – a universe that shapes home life and welcomes visitors with a warm atmosphere and an outstanding decor.

From the entrance, the location promises an experience, sometimes mysterious, which awakens the curiosity of visitors. An impressive exotic terrarium that recreates on a small scale the entire ecosystem of tropical plants, in the smallest details, welcomes those who enter the new showroom. The sliding door with a full-height, floor-to-ceiling screen holds the mystery for a few more moments, before revealing the next experience.

The entire showroom has been designed so that each part of it is identified with the space found inside any home. The entrance to each area of ​​the showroom is marked by impressive arcades with a timeless elegance.

The location is equipped with four kitchens, signed by the Siematic and Doimo Cucine brands, brands that are often found in the key landscaping projects of the residential spaces that KUIBA carries out.

The active kitchen, called “The Artisans Gallery”, is the one that carries out the mission of the company to create an “experience center”, being the place where visitors have the opportunity to test, experiment and use products, as well as the perfect space for informal meetings, cooking classes or any other events that bring people together. The kitchen furniture in this area is truly atypical: the kitchen fronts are made of recyclable materials, being a perfect example of a sustainable approach to interior design.


Uniqueness and fragments of stories in every corner of the showroom

The living areas and the bedroom are enveloped in a welcoming atmosphere, which invites passers-by to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy HERE and NOW. Here are exhibited works of art by local artists, handmade accessories, iconic pieces of furniture with an award-winning design and which are also on display in art museums such as the Triennale di Milano.

The journey continues to a complex universe of tableware, kitchen accessories and utensils. Various collections, signed by internationally renowned brands, recognized for design, quality and sustainability, have unique and fascinating stories behind them, one for each product.

The configuration of the new showroom also integrates a display area of ​​the appliances belonging to the brands: Electrolux, Liebherr and Miele – a guarantee of efficiency, functionality and quality ahead of its time.

The elements that complete a space are always accessories, so an entire showroom area has been created to include those essential pieces that give home spaces personality. All in all, a unique experience at every step. That’s what the new KUIBA Experience Center is all about.

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