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Maastricht School Of Management Romania

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Brief Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht School of Management Office was meant to host the educational programs of MSM, but also the courses of The Entrepreneurship Academy. Therefore, the project’s mission was to create a versatile space and an atmosphere which would be suitable for an unique mix of users, from high-school students to CEOs and business leaders in one of Bucharest’s landmarks. They wanted a space that would inspires youngsters to become responsible citizens and change makers.

Interior Design Concept

We transformed the 450 m2 space in an educational and entrepreneurial hub. The look and feel of the space give people the feeling of being part of a community that feeds their creativity and helps them to become factors of change. An unconventional methodology could not be absorbed in a conventional space, that’s why we imagined it as the playground of Făt-Frumos, the greatest figure in Romanian folklore. This fairy tale was a good pretext to translate the experiences young students live at EA, as they grow here professionally and become the responsible leaders of tomorrow.

The space is flexible as it can host a wide range of events as dance classes, educational conferences, or special events as blood donation sessions, if the project requires. The students seem to enjoy the space and its various functions so much that they often prefer to spend after hours at school.

Maastricht School Of Management Romania

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