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Medicover Liberty

Classic With a Twist

Brief Medicover

Aware of the high complexity of  the medical system and the special requirements that a design for a medical clinic needs to meet, Medicover has chosen Morphoza to be their partner in coming up with the interior design concept and applying the best fit-out solutions for their new space. Their 18th clinic opened in Romania, this new building had to maintain the general look, but our experts could add a twist of creativity to it and thus help it stand out.

Interior Design Concept

Medicover Liberty is the second multidisciplinary Medicover clinic opened in Cluj-Napoca. The Swedish company has chosen Liberty Technology Park, the first technology park in Romania, as a location for the clinic. The starting point for this design was the neutral background painted in the colours that mirror those found in the visual identity of the client. They were then balanced by painting each consulting room differently so as to keep at bay the anxiety felt by patients and instead inspire a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Another design element inspired by the brand identity is the circular arc, which was integrated by our team in the design of the ceilings, floors and walls, together with other geometric details which, used in the design of the floor, lead patients and visitors from one room to another.

Top quality materials, a friendly design and state-of-the-art equipment all amount to the pleasant and professional atmosphere in the medical clinic Medicover Liberty in Cluj-Napoca.

Medicover Liberty

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