Case Study

NTT DATA Bucharest

Tailored-made Workplace


Morphoza had once again the challenge to work together with NTT DATA Romania for a new office design, located in Romania’s Capital city, Bucharest.

When designing an office, there are several elements to consider, such as wall decorations, brand new executive furniture or additional plants. All these can help increase productivity and keep workforce feeling comfortable.

Interior Design

After successfully designing the 3 towers of the company’s headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Morphoza has taken over the floors in Unirii View, the tallest modern office building in downtown Bucharest, in order to design a fresh work environment for the leading IT Innovator in Romania, NTT DATA. The focus was on creating a workplace that connects the employees and provides an environment that inspires innovation.

Morphoza team established a simple design concept to help drive the project: the cycle of the four seasons – viewed as a symbol of constant evolution – which inspired the main color mix on each floor. A limited selection of colours provides visual interest that draws the eye from one floor to another. However, NTT DATA corporate blue remains a constant that unites the entire chromatic scheme of the project.

The design concept is sustained by the use of natural materials and some that imitate natural textures because of the positive effect natural elements may have on the wellbeing of the employees. Therefore, the space is due to stimulate the collective productivity of the team.

As soon as you reach the entrance, you will be attracted by the diamond cutting shape at the front desk. The NTT DATA logo is combined with an atypical choice of lighting items in order to generate a unique brand impression.

On each floor, all team desks are arranged along the facades to create a light zone that stimulates concentration. In the center of each floor, a diversity of comfortable seats, cocoons, informal meeting rooms encourage collaboration. The point of attraction on all the floors are the kitchen areas. Colorful, cozy and creatively designed, the kitchen areas build atmosphere and add richness to the working environment.

The most surprising design element in the office is the giant slide that connects the 15th floor with the 14th floor of the building. The designers chose a fully enclosed model, so employees get an authentic experience. The idea with fun elements and inspiring design is that it actively encourages creativity and co-operation and this was the exact intent of the interior design team. Thus, NTT DATA Romania becomes the first company in Romania that integrates a giant slide as a functional element of design in its workplace.

NTT DATA Romania encouraged design accents within the office and entertaining perks to keep employees happy at work and therefore, Morphoza came up with a tailored-made workplace design where every employee can find a place for themselves, a space that helps building relations and generates innovative ideas.

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