Case Study

NTT DATA Romania - Brașov office


Morphoza’s collaboration with NTT DATA Romania materialized, once again, into a creative, unique, tailor-made office design, this time for the company’s new office space located in the charming Romanian city Brașov.

The new office, based on the 6th and 7th floor of the AFI PARK Brașov building, offers a spectacular view over the city and a great positioning in the center of the pitoresque town.

Our goal was to create a suitable environment that will empower NTT DATA Romania’s teams to collaborate, innovate and perform together, while maintaining the brand identity and reflecting the company’s values and visionthrough an one-of-a-kind design concept.

Interior Design

As we know, people are working better if they are in a healthy environment and what is more productive than working in a place that is fully inspired by nature – an asset that will make people feel good at work and empower them to develop themselves and the business.

As an analogy with the definition of the word „mountain” – a large natural elevation of the Earths surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level – we envisioned a space that empowers the natural growth of the company, satisfies people and it is an excellent source for their wellbeing.

We emphasized the nature theme through a combination of mountain inspired wall graphics, perfectly complemented by a vibrant colour palette used for both the flooring and ceiling and tailor-made elements such as an unique chairlift situated on the 7th floor.

The layout configuration offers the NTT DATA Romania’s teams a great variety of work settings, from small meeting rooms perfect for concentrated work, breakout areas with statement custom-made pieces, large conference rooms, phonebooths, communication and gaming areas. All in all, a complete, refreshing and dynamic office experience.

The floor design showcases an unique choice of highly functional, durable and elegant carpet in combinations of neutral tones and bright, saturated hues that spread along the entire office, contour the circulation areas and create a lively space.

The view from the 6th and 7th floor is spectacular and represented for us a great opportunity of designing comfortable seating areas near the windows, perfect for the teams’ relaxing breaks.

Simple, but not simplistic, the furnishing options feature an ergonomic design, while maintaining the clean, fresh aesthetics of the overall space.

The new NTT DATA Romania’s office in Brașov takes into account the values and identity of the company, keeping a consistent design line throughout all NTT DATA’s network of offices, while also revealing its unique character. Fresh, dynamic, connected – the perfect recipe for innovation.

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