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NTT DATA Romania


Brief NTT Data Romania

NTT Data Romania, former EBS Romania, is one of the leading providers of software solutions and services in Romania. As part of its new organizational strategy, NTT Data Romania wanted to relocate its office base to better reflect its ways of working, its values and organisational culture.

Interior Design Concept

Appointed to create a workspace optimised for collaboration and full inclusion, we designed it right down to the last detail, from the interior concept to instalation systems. We knew that NTT Data Romania focuses on delivering innovation for the future and that gave us the idea of the interior design concept, Into The Future. We wanted to create an unique workspace for the NTT Data Romania team, beyond the daily reality of each employee.

We gave every floor a different theme, inspired by the spaceship concept, but with a bit of a twist. Open-offices, learning rooms, informal or formal meeting rooms, interview rooms, a library or a bistro and an entire relaxation floor where linked through the ‘connectivity’ principle, used to integrate the brand’s values: teamwork, client first, creativity, communication, innovation, engagement.

The office interior design stays true to the company’s values and the variety in workspace means employees will never lack inspiration. For the energetic and creative sta , it’s a place they can come to every day and always feel motivated to bring technology to another level.

“We’ve tried to create a workplace that would engage our colleagues even more to the brand. We’ve never compromised on quality and, with the help of Morphoza, we’ve succeeded in completing this project. The result exceeds our expectations.”

– Daniel METZ, CEO NTT Data Romania

NTT Data Romania

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