Case Study

Paddy Power Betfair Malta

The City Within The City


Paddy Power Betfair currently employs around 150 staff in Malta, within the Customer Services team. The integral Paddy Power Betfair passion for Sports extends to the Malta office. The multi-lingual, international helpdesk is also based in Malta, contributing to a vibrant and multi-cultural atmosphere. They approached Morphoza to create an environmentally friendly space to improve productivity, attract new staff and retain and engage current staff. We adapted The City Within The City concept in distinctive ways as we gave every floor a different theme inspired by Malta’s characteristics and landscapes.

Interior Design Concept

Valletta’s fortifications, dominant and distinctive architecture of countless buildings remembering of the Knights of St John or Mdina’s catacombs was a great source of inspiration for our design team. Combinations of stone, sea, lights and contrasts are defining elements for Malta’s landscapes. In this context, we used intense colors and textures.

Malta is the land of the sun and the sea, the dream holiday destination and we used it as main theme for the company’s cafeteria and relaxation spots. Therefore, we integrated many nautical elements as they define Malta landscapes and brought the outdoors in. The office is now an inviting space which supports the way in which the company needs to work.

Paddy Power Betfair Malta

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