Case Study


Design Brief

The interior design project for Traust office started from the company’s desire to outline a welcoming, warm and friendly work environment – a space that instills a state of well-being from the first steps and keeps alive the passion, dedication and performance of its team of specialists.

Already in the planning stage of constructing its own building – a future home for Traust teams – the company rented the current space and aimed to transform and adapt it to meet the needs that emerged in the new working reality: flexibility, multifunctionality and agility.

Traust chose Morphoza as a reliable partner in this endeavor and together we managed to outline a unique and personal concept that captures the essence, values and appreciation of the company for its team members.

Interior Design

We outlined the whole concept of interior design like a story. The Traust story: authentic, unique and personal, inspired by the dedication, passion and professionalism of one of the most dynamic and flexible construction companies in Romania.

Team. Passion. Experience. Stability. Trust. Dynamism.
We integrated all these values in an authentic design concept, associating them with symbolic, representative elements. Distinct pieces that, put together, create a whole – a unitary aesthetic, a story that unfolds as we experience space.

From the entrance, visitors and team members are greeted by a unique, atypical decor: a custom-made decoration, inspired by tangram, which stretches on the wall behind the reception, a lamp with integrated greenery and elements inspired by the works of the famous Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși. Such as the infinity column, but reinterpreted in a form with bright LEDs displayed on the entrance wall.

The story continues in the hallways of the office, for which we designed a continuous graphic, inspired by the cycle of the four seasons – a symbol of dynamism and adaptability. The seasons theme continues on the inner wall of the conference room, in the same style of minimalist lines enriched by color accents.

The conference room is designed keeping functionality and agility in mind. The front wall is a mobile one (and masks the TV), with a design that incorporates an area with a green wall and a wooden composition that takes on the pattern of the infinity column – an element that we find, in another form, in the reception area. The flexible, ergonomic furniture, the ceiling metal structure with lighting fixtures and greenery inserts, as well as the sound-absorbing curtain from the back of the room are other elements that contribute both to the aesthetics of the space and to its functional character.

Together with the Traust team, we managed to shape a work environment that fits the needs, expectations and desires of the team perfectly. A place that inspires, motivates and greets them warmly, every day.

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