Case Study

Urban Studio



Because the owner of the apartment is a young student in London, with a passion for travel, one of the requests was that the design reflects her joyful and dynamic personality and be at the same time comfortable and contain elements of the London lifestyle.  From a functional point of view, the challenge was to organize the whole dwelling by height, given the apartment’s construction.

Interior Design Concept

With a height distribution typical to a loft, the apartment benefits from a lot of natural lighting, due to the oversized windows. The apartment was divided by constructing a split level which hosts the bedroom, dressing and one of the bathrooms – the night areas. The day area was set on the ground floor and included the living room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace access. In order to take advantage of the natural light in the living room, glass was used to build the interior split wall.

The day, as well as the night area were furnished in a modern, comfortable style. The chosen furniture is minimalistic, fine lined, complete with a few decorative elements that customize the living room. The urban effect is conveyed by wooden boards that connect the shelves. Those in green reference the pipes often present in the urban Londoner lofts. The decorative staircase from the living area has the same effect. Being inspired by Great Britain’s capital, we chose maybe one of its most famous symbols, the phone booth, which we inserted in the lobby décor.

As for the space distribution, we kept the kitchen open, linking to the living room, to offer the beneficiary the possibility to entertain guests while cooking or preparing her favourite beverages. The apartment is well lit, with bright complementary coloured walls and furniture, such as pillows and textiles in strong contrast with them. The yellow-green combination is used in the day area as well as in the night area. Red is there as well via London-inspired elements.

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