Panel 5 – Office of the Future – Moderated by Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Business Review, Anda Sebesi Diana Calfa, Managing Partner, Morphoza How to respond to the need of the five generations of workforce currently on the labour market? We first need to listen and understand. It also depends on the industry, as some offices […]

What a day at the 6th edition of Architechture Conference&Expo! Diana Calfa, Managing Partner Morphoza, shared some inside stories related to our new projects and talked about how important it is for companies to understand that people are the heart and soul of every office design project.

Diana Calfa founded in 2004, together with her husband, Morphoza, with the aim of creating an interior design company which is capable of taking full responsibility of a complete interior design project. For more than 10 years, Diana works with the company’s clients to define the purpose of their spaces by designing and delivering fit-out […]