What we do

Fit Out

This is the stage when our ideas and concepts exit the realm of imagination and become tangible.

We have more than 70 specialists, including architects, designers, technical experts, project managers, account managers and furniture specialists. Briefly, we have all the resources in-house in order to manage and deliver the project within the time, budget and quality standards agreed upon with you.

Once the technical projects have been agreed, they are handed over to the Project Manager to coordinate the sub-contractor teams, works planning, maintain the contact with the landlord and take care of any planning requirements. This is how we will be sure everything is completed on time and within budget.

One single point of contact, many services

Your Morphoza Project Manager will handle all the interior designers, architects, constructors, furniture suppliers, landlord, town officers or health and safety advisors. We will take care of every detail that the project may require and make sure everything is completed on time and within budget.

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on all the aspects of the project. The fact that we handle the project from A to Z allows us to run different phases in the same time and reduces the time and the costs of the project.

We provide post-delivery maintenance

Our job goes beyond the move-in day, we stay with you to ensure that the space works perfectly and everyone gets everything they need from the space.

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