What we do


Whether it’s one item or a higher volume of furniture items, we put ourselves in your shoes for choosing the right ones.

We pay attention to the details, shapes and colours, we are sensitives about design and empathetic when it comes to your needs. We select carefully the furniture, based on function, budget, design and technology needs. Our purpose is to identify the products that best suit the interior design project, to acquire them for the best possible price and to ensure you these would be delivered on time so the execution terms and the smooth development of the project would not be affected.

Even though our portfolio counts over 200 furniture brands worldwide, our furnishing solutions do not stop here. Sometimes, we imagine a product design for our clients and we rely on our production partners’ facilities to create prototypes.

Initial brief

Based on the initial brief we will identify the furniture that can cover all of your needs and we will take into consideration the possibility of re-using some of the existing furniture. After that, we can draw up an accurate budget proposal to deliver the project.

Samples Preview

Once we have the budget approved, we dig into furniture choices and order carefully selected samples, from standard furniture as well as the custom-made one, to identify the products that best suit the interior design project.

Final Finishes

During this stage we finalise the intricate details of each product. From the moment a product is included in the technical project to the moment it is received, we pay attention to: product placement and how it correlates to other architectural details and installations, prototyping the furniture especially designed for the project, so that the resistance, ergonomics and aesthetics of the final product are ensured and proper assembly.


When all the details are discussed and approved, we contact the manufacturers and place the orders. This is when we can have a proper estimation of the product delivery moment. Delivery lead times of products range from 2-12 weeks, possibly longer when including holidays.


From the point of order, your Morphoza Project Manager will stay in contact with you and the delivery team and make sure that we will deliver and install the products in the agreed timeframes or handle properly any possible issues that may occur during this time.

Post-delivery maintenance

After the project is completed, your Morphoza Project Manager will remain a clear point of contact for whether you want to order additional products or need product maintenance.

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