Over the past few years, working from home (WFH) and remote work opportunities have increased exponentially. In light of recent days and due to the current global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), this new way of working became a must for most of us.

While WFH seems like a good idea for some, others may be preoccupied about how this initiative will affect their productivity, their tasks and also their wellbeing long term.

Here are some tips & tricks that might help you get into your frame of mind easier, adapt to this change faster and keep you productive, focused and self-disciplined:

1. Set a work schedule

There are certain responsibilities that come with this “freedom” of working from the comfort of your home, like planning, task management, foresight and self – discipline. A good way of making sure you manage your time effectively is establishing a work schedule. If you used to wake up at 7, have breakfast, a coffee and then head to work, that’s what you should be doing while working from home. Just consider it a normal day, do your morning routine and get ready to slam dunk your daily tasks.

2. Find your peak productivity moments

It is very important for you to discover your peak productivity periods. Specialists recommend dealing with the more complex tasks in the morning, because this is when people are more productive. Also, use slower points of the day to deal with the easier tasks that are on your plate. Only you can discover the pace that suits you best.

3. Dress for success

Ok. This title may be a little too much, but you get the point.
Certainly, many of us have started their first days of WFH in pajamas. The fact that we are not constrained by social rules when we are in the comfort of our home makes us adopt this relaxed approach towards the working style. While it is not necessarily a bad thing, well, it’s not a productive one either. When we see things from this perspective, we tend to postpone the deadlines or adopt an “there is still enough time left” attitude. That is until the deadline knocks on the door and we are not ready to open. Such situations cause us stress that eventually transforms into lack of motivation. So, in order to set the mood for productivity and keep yourself optimistic, it may be of great help for you to dress like you would if you went to the office. After all, you are at work – just in a different location.

4. Choose a dedicated workspace in your home

Not everyone has a home office or the necessary space to create a proper one. But you can always find a corner that can become an inspiring environment that fits your working needs. Spaces that are associated with leisure time, such as the couch or your bedroom, may not be the ideal source of inspiration. So, choose a place that stimulates you, decorate it as you wish and enjoy your personalized, brand new home office.

5. Take short breaks

While working from home, we tend to get caught in our tasks and not even notice how the time flies. Breaks are important. Make time for enjoying a healthy lunch, take 5 minutes to exercise or just get your eyes off the computer screen and simply enjoy the window view.

6. Set up a functional workspace

Make sure you have a strong connection to the Internet, charging points are in your proximity and your laptop and work phone are powered-up. Also, if your job involves or requires having periodic meetings with colleagues, superiors or business partners, tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and other apps will come in handy. Run tests on them before the meetings start, make sure the microphone or video camera are functional and you’re good to go.

Let’s revise:
Work from Home – Starter Pack

☐ Create a schedule and stick to it
☐ Prioritize tasks and find your peak productivity periods during the day
☐ Act like you are actually going to work – don’t hang out all day in your pajamas
☐ Designate a dedicated workspace in your home
☐ Take a break from time to time
☐ Make sure you have the technology you require, Internet connection and ways to connect to others