HARMONY & ELEGANCE Brief A modern, functional and easy-to-maintain house, with an interior design which could integrate a generous library – these were the client’s initial requests, a young geologist, with a passion for traveling, speleology and trekking. The 87 sqm apartment has an open-space structure which includes the living room, the kitchen, the dining […]

HARMONY & ELEGANCE Brief This interior design project included a 4 floors mansion: basement, ground floor, floor, mansard, with garden. From the beginning, the owners wanted a contemporary design, but, in the same time, a mature and clean one, which will combine noble materials, lasting, as well as wood, stone, glass, leather, velvet. The whole […]

HARMONY & ELEGANCE Brief A minimalist and functional design, with very qualitative products, natural materials and a warm atmosphere, this is what our clients wanted for the revival of their family home. This beautiful house has an open-space structure which includes the living room and a small home office, the kitchen, the dining area, two […]

JOYFUL & COZY Brief Because the owner of the apartment is a young student in London, with a passion for travel, one of the requests was that the design reflects her joyful and dynamic personality and be at the same time comfortable and contain elements of the London lifestyle.  From a functional point of view, the […]

CLASSICAL & SHEER Brief With a surface of 377 sq meters, laid on four levels: underground, ground floor, floor and attic with a red interior, the dwelling would host a couple of young enthusiasts.  The only difficulty seemed to be the tight deadline, since the young family wanted to move into the new home for […]

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